Artist’s Statement

Nature photography is a curious blend of natural history and a visual celebration of the world around us. The balance that can be struck between these two elements will shift and be chosen uniquely each and every time the artist becomes momentarily entranced by a shift of light that turns one small, nuance moment in the unfolding of the natural world into an instant of enchantment. From a natural history perspective, our interest is in capturing some truth about the world as it unfolds, but the artist inside wants only to mesmerize, enchant and enfold the viewer in a unique, passing moment. Each is a compromise. A camera does not capture reality, it only provides a small glimpse of what is possible. The rest arises within the mind, a product of its million year dance with the Earth. And this is what the artist seeks to represent; not an objective view of the world, because there is no such thing in art, but an engagement with the shadows that lie between our conscious selves and the vast universe of life that enfolds us.

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