There is magic in nature. I don’t mean spells and concoctions, but a presence that can shift our attention from the mundane and expose us to an almost transcendent, spiritual connection to the web of life within which we dwell. Forests can do this, remind us of our ineffable other selves, especially vast, ancient trees that tower over us with a beauty and symmetry that echoes in our deepest minds from the distant aeons of our evolutionary beginnings. Oceans can dazzle and mystify too, as can sunlight drizzling through the rain to fall on a meadow sparkling with light. Nature isn’t a tree, a plant, a frog or any other definable part of the whole, it is instead a supernatural spectre within our own minds. It is a vast network of meanings, an ecosystem within which every single nuanced reflection of life is as important to the whole as is a single note to the grandest symphony.

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  1. I resonate with every word and feeling you have expressed regarding nature. I die with every cruelty perpetrated on the trees and the animals. The world is in a downward spiral well past the tipping point. Greed and cruelty will bring it to an ugly demise. Who pays the price? The animals and the trees…


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